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What is ADD Coaching?

Expert ADD coaching requires skills and methods specific to the unique challenges and opportunities ADD presents.

The ADD coach offers support, guidance, and accountability, so that things actually happen! The good ADD coach knows ADD from the inside out – he "gets it." Why does this matter?

It's important to note that ADD Coaching includes distinct differences to many traditional coaching practices. Many coaching techniques that are very effective for typical clients, can send an ADD client into a tailspin. For example, traditional coaching encourages the process of continually asking apropriate questions to lead the client along in discovering her own truths. During some of my training, a peer used this approach with me as the client. As an ADDer, my brain has been constantly bombarding me with questions for my entire life. I already had an unmanagable number of open loops and this process was quickly becoming frustrating. In this example, leading questions needed to be balanced with an appropriate amount of ideas and suggestions to keep me engaged. It is this type of awareness that makes ADD coaching a bit unique.

As an ADD coach, I base my work on a fundamental understanding of how the ADD brain works. ADD presents some degree of deficit with concentration, memory, and regulating action. The result is often a set of day-to-day challenges that block one's ability to build the life they want.

Problem areas that block progress include:



Stress, Mentally Overwhelmed

Planning & tracking time

Sequencing & completing tasks

But, there are the ADD strengths as well:

Problem solving and imagination

Creativity and love of learning

Energy and passion
Sensitivity to others

Verbal abilities

Humor and curiosity

My goal as an ADD coach is to develop a trusting partnership to enable each client to objectively and honestly identify his unique strengths and weaknesses. From here, we continue to work together to determine the most effective ways for the client to recognize and exploit his strengths and then discover mechanisms to better manage the ADD related weaknesses that interfere with his goals.

ADD Online Screening Quiz

Professional diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder is typically an important precursor to ADD Coaching. If you have not been previously diagnosed, but you suspect you may suffer from ADD to some degree, you may want to select the link to the right. It's an online test, offered by PsychCentral, to help you determine if you should consider seeing a mental health professional to further investigate the issue. Coaching typically begins, and is most effective, after the disorder is diagnosed and effective treatment has been established.

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