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The essence of coaching is the power of collaboration - working with others who can inspire, instruct, and support the desired changes of the client, providing a catalyst for moving life forward ... It's about building a Partnership for Success.

A common perspective in the coaching field is that it is an alternative to traditional therapy. Although both disciplines can certainly produce positive results alone, I believe it's often most effective to approach coaching as an additional, complimentary process to therapy. This is especially true with ADD clients, as professional diagnosis from a therapist will include a thorough review of both medication and behavioral modification options that are often critical assets to the client. For more information on these topics, you can review the What is ADD Coaching? and Coaching vs Therapy links.

What to Expect

Coaches offer knowledge, skills, and systems for getting things done. This provides the client with new ways to solve problems and accomplish goals, moving life forward in key areas, such as:

  Work & Career Health & Well Being
  Home & Finance Quality Relationships
  Balance & Spirit Education, Talents, Interests

A coach does not have a set of answers to all your questions in his toolbox. But, a good coach will give you a skilled, objective, and emotionally neutral perspective - along with a handful of systems and/or tools - to help you find the answers you're looking for. Working with a good coach you should confidently have the following realistic expectations:

  Less struggle & more success NO quick fixes
  To be heard & understood Knowledge & hope
  Clear goals & strategies Kind words & accountability

As a coach I hope to provide you with some different perspectives and tools, and to walk along side of you as YOU discover your own amazing strengths and talents. Together, we can develop a strategy to overcome the obstacles that have hindered the realization of your goals.
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