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.... and sincerely thanks for visiting my site. Before you continue, consider - just for a moment - that you have not stumbled here by chance. If it happens to be that you are looking for something, it is my hope that maybe we can work together to help you find it.

I am a life coach. I specialize in assisting adults with Attention Deficit Disorder to discover and embrace the unique and powerful attributes that they possess, while developing strategies and systems to effectively manage common challenges that are often encountered by ADD adults.

Rather than implying that I have the answers for every individual, I focus on providing a variety of tools and perspectives within a framework that enables my clients to find the truths within themselves. This is essentially my understanding of the definition of coaching.

Coaching Premises:

My practice is structured around the following premises:

  • We are all perfectly imperfect
  • There is opportunity in every circumstance
  • Not Knowing is the gift from which curiosity is born and the place where every new adventure begins
  • As sappy as it first seemed to me, I have truly come to believe that a combination of faith and positive thinking inevitably produces positive results
  • Coaching is absolutely a partnership where coach and client work together to discover new insights and perspectives, collaboratively improving each other's personal experiences and quality of life.

Notes about Quotes

Below is a copy of the quotes and images from the initial Intro-Page for the website. I chose these quotes to offer some insight into the ideas and values that have encouraged me to pursue a career in coaching.

An important footnote about the quotes: For me, God is the source of these attributes of strength, courage and power. It is through His Grace that we are able to serve and support one another in a world that too often promotes independence and self-reliance.

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