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Coaching Services & Fees

I offer phone coaching for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder. As a relative new-comer to the coaching field, I leverage my diverse professional experience, the wisdom of my own personal battles with ADD, and the training received from some exceptionally gifted pioneers in the ADD Coaching field to provide my own unique coaching style. My services are founded on my understanding of the principles presented to me in the coaching course ADD in the Spirit offered by Kate Kelly & Peggy Ramundo of The ADDed Dimension Coaching Group. Kate and Peggy are co-authors of the best selling books, You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?! and The ADDed Dimension.

I certainly do not have a toolbox full of answers to everyone's problems. What I do offer is the ability to foster an effective, collaborative relationship. From this partnership, I work with each client to encourage and facilate both the discovery and implementation of the most effective solutions to his specific goals.

Referral group

What if I'm not the right coach for you?

Because the true essence of coaching is based on a partnership, it's obvious that the client / coach relationship is a critical factor in its success. Although I find that I relate well to a wide variety of people, my personality and coaching style do not always provide the best solution for every client.

For this reason, I belong to a referral network of ADD coaches through the ADDed Dimension Coaching website: www.ADDCoaching.com. This network provides a diverse group of highly qualified coaches with a wide range of backgrounds and varying areas of expertise to ensure clients are paired with the most appropriate coach for their specific needs.


A free Intro-Call is provided to give clients a better understanding of the coaching process. The primary purpose of this call is to get acquainted with each other, discuss the client’s potential needs and goals, and provide her with an idea of my coaching style. From our discussion, we can then determine the best way to proceed. The discussion from the Intro-Call will help us:

  • Become familiar with the client's background, specific challenges and strengths, and to capture his/her desired goals and timeline.
  • Ensure a comfortable and effective client/coach relationship is established.
  • Determine the specific coaching format that best addresses the client's needs and life style
  • Identify the fees resulting from the selected format

To schedule a complimentary Intro-Call, click on the following link: Intro-Call Request

Coaching Format Options

Coaching services are purchased on a month-to-month basis. A monthly format includes both phone time and email communication. The monthly fee is determined by the format that is establish. For example, calls can vary from 15 to 60 minutes and frequency of calls can vary from 2 to 8 per month.

Each client-specific coaching format consists of a combination of several modes of communication:

1. Core Sessions

Longer sessions (appx 60 min) where the core work is done... more

2. Support Sessions

Shorter sessions (appx 15 min). Focus is connect, review, revise, and continue... more

3. Check-Ins (email)

Check-Ins are emails which are used to ensure continuity and accountability... more

4. Maintenance Calls

Moderate length calls for slightly more formal accountability and reporting ... more

Standard Rates

My standard fee range is $200 - $400 per month, depending on the agreed format. The format consists of a combination of the three modes of coaching described above that best meets the needs of each specific client. Click the link below for examples of a few typical coaching formats:

Sample Coaching Formats / Schedules

Special Rates Program

  • ADD cuts across all backgrounds, education and income levels. Working with the ADDed Dimension Coaching group, we are committed to serving adults from all walks of life.
  • Through this referral group, our network of coaches devote a portion of their time to the Special Rates Program (SRP). The SRP is available to clients with true financial need. Fees are adjusted to fit the individual budget, with a sliding-scale approach.
  • To apply for the SRP, prospective clients need several things: solid motivation, openness and integrity in the fees discussion, patience with a wait list of about two weeks.

Select the following link for further information or to apply for the Special Rates Program: SRP Request

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