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Some Random Thoughts on Various Topics

Family & Friends

Well, recently I found myself writing to my family and friends. Not sure if I should just send it in an email or post it somewhere, I decided these thoughts were about as random as any others, so I reluctantly included them in this section of my web site. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but if you happen to stumble upon it, feel free to click the link: Family and Friends

On Authenticity

I'm continually learning that most of us are reluctant to present our authentic selves because we fear that it will make us vulnerable. Often doubting our intrinsic value, we provide a filtered view of ourselves, usually hoping to appear more impressive. What might happen, if instead, we allowed ourselves to simply BE who we ARE? And just maybe, "as we are liberated from our own fear, our presence [will] automatically liberate others." (from: Our Deepest Fear)

On Second Chances (Perseverance)

Of all the wonders in His creation, I think God's greatest gift is a second chance for every single second chance - for it eliminates the temptation to give up. Be neither too prideful nor too ashamed to embrace this precious gift and fearlessly aspire towards your boldest dreams.

Source of Confidence

I'm not so much confident in my own abilities as I am hopeful in God's Plan. Relying on myself has become, at best, inconsistent - while remaining open to His Power offers infinite possibilities. Lord, inspire and empower me to greatness.

On Faith ...

The concept of Faith has always been difficult for me to discuss. It seems to almost immediately lead to some type of exclusion. We wrap words and concepts around personal perceptions and it tends to divide rather than unite us. I have struggled with this over my entire life. It wasn't until I decided to abandon my intellectual search and instead humbly invited the Spirit into my heart that I found myself writing these thoughts on Faith.

On Confronting Fear ...

I have lived most of my life with a nervous stomache caused by a combination of anxiety, worry, and fear. Finally, with the help of some ADD medication and some excellent coaching from some relatively new friends, I'm learning to face fear rather than run from it. This lead me to these thoughts on Confronting Fear.

On Courage ...

I had planned to include a few thoughts on Courage until I came across a song called Courage Is by a group called The Strange Familiar. The following video includes an excellent embedded collection of quotes. It's a great motivator ...

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