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Coaching Toolbox

My Coaching Toolbox is certainly a work-in-progress. After accumulating a variety of coaching tools and techniques, I realized that for myself, my clients, and my coaching peers, it could be both effective and efficient to somehow share these resources from within my website.

Although the concept seems promising, pulling together and serving up items from different presentations, spreadsheets, and various documents turns out to be a bit more consuming than anticipated. I am making progress, though.

So, hopefully sooner than later, I'll have a good number of helpful items in my toolbox. In the meantime, feel free to check out some of the preliminary work I've done thus far:

Time Management

Using the fundimental concepts of Dan Allen's Getting Things Done, I've reworked and extended a few concepts to create what I think is a more ADD-friendly Thought Management System (TMS)

The ADD Life Wheel

Taking a slightly different perspective on a relatively common coaching exercise, I modified some concepts to the traditional Life Wheel and added a 3-teir overlay to hopefully make it a bit more effective for an ADDer. Thus, The ADD Life Wheel

Peer Coaching Widgets

This is a collection of various thoughts and ideas that I hope might be helpful, insightful, and/or inspirational for my coaching peers.

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