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Time Management

Wow. Time Management! What exactly is it? For a typical ADDer it may be nothing but an oxymoron. Time can be managed? I don't think so ;-) Well, as a self-appointed spokesman, let me at least say that for adults with ADD, a lot of traditional time management techniques are often ineffective; or sometimes they're even worse than ineffective because they tend to reinforce our beliefs that we simply cannot manage time.

Maybe we actually can manage time, we just need to do it differently? One thing that I have learned about successful time management is that sometimes it means we have to do something other than what we want to do ... which is why, at this moment, I have to stop working on this web page and get my ass in gear on a few other tasks that I simply do not feel like doing. So, more on this later ... toReview

The completion of this introduction of my perspective on time management, as well as an introduction to myThought Management System (TMS).


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